About Us

E Cytech Dot Com, previously known as Cytech System. Establish in the year 1998, with a two founder.
In the year 1998, our founder Eric Tan & SM Lim started Cytech System in a lot located on the second floor of a shop lot in Taman Universiti. The first year of operating, hardships are faced by our founders, shutting down the company was planned by both of our founders.  
As the second year started, Eric decided to move over to the first floor to increase the visibility of the store and everything goes according to the plan. In 2007, both of our founders decided to move to the other location due to the lack of parking lots causing inconvenience to our customer. 
After staying in a shop lot for more than 10years, both of our founders decided to move over to two shop lots to enhance the shopping experience of our customers. One of the major changes made in the year of 2009 is that Cytech System had been rebranded and reintroduce with the name of E Cytech Dot Com. 
2013, both of our founders decided to remove the hassle from the company to prevent any future destruction deal to our company. Apart from that, both Eric Tan and SM Lim decided to introduce some new blood into the company by bringing in MY Tan, current E Cytech Dot Com's Chief Product Officer (CPO). 
Until today, E Cytech Dot Com has operated in Taman Universiti for 20years. We hope that we can celebrate more than 20years together.

Meet the Team
Eric Tan

In the year 1998, Eric Tan founded E Cytech Dot Com (Previously known as Cytech System). Eric helps E Cytech to grow from nothing to today size. Back in 2009, Eric made a huge decision together with our current CFO (SM Lim) to expand the size of the business by twice of its initial size. Till today, Eric is holding on to his position and helping E Cytech to achieve a new height. 

SM Lim 

SM Lim, one of the co-founder of E Cytech Dot Com. When she joined E Cytech Dot Com, she holds the company's title of Chief Operating Officer (COO) from 1998 to 2009. During her time as COO, Lim introduced the expansion of the business turning Cytech System to E Cytech Dot Com. Lim's effort also not only allow business to increase in size but increase in the customer bases.

MY Tan

MY Tan is the Chief Product Officer of E Cyetch Dot Com. MY had successfully introduced the element of gaming into E Cytech, providing more options to E Cytech's customer. MY excellent product knowledge allows him to provide the best experience to end users/ customers. As time passes by, MY realises changes need to be made in order to keep E Cytech competitive in the market. Creating this website is a crucial step to the final success.